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The Ender Zone is an independently developed first person shooter in the horror genre, in which you will follow the story of a British agent trying to figure out what happened at AREA S-4, in the South Pacific.
After an emergency message, the complex appears abandoned and solitary, but it won't take you long to discover the horrors that are locked up in its' labyrinthian hallways. 
Explore the outskirts of the complex, the military patio, the drains, the scenes of a turbulent past and a nest of evil. 
This is an uncontrolled descent to the darkest corner of the universe. 
We recommend that to play this with ear phones, and with the lights turned down. 



  • FPS based in a generic 90s environment. 
  • Original soundtrack composed by Eric Luque
  • A lot of variety in scenarios and puzzles to solve. 
  • Unnerving experience :D


StatusIn development
Release date Sep 20, 2019
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorTanuki GS
Made withUnity
TagsAtmospheric, Horror, Immersive, Mystery, Psychological Horror, Singleplayer, Survival Horror, Walking simulator, Zombies
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksHomepage, Twitter


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Chapter 1,2 & 3 ^_^ This game was my Soulmate! Very awesome game! Too bad I could not figure out what to do once I got all 20 scrolls, Made you a video: 

Thank you soooo much Elrenia for this complete gameplay of our project, it was gorgeous to see you playing, the respect with which you do it, and your attention to details. Just for this it is worth having worked on this :D

The scrolls area is pretty unfinished and it still have some performance issues, but is the end of part One, the end of the game currently. So, congratulations for the achievement & hope you enjoy it :D

We're currently working on a new little project, we'll keep you informed

Hell yeah! Tag me for new stuff anytime! ^_^

Hey! THE GAMER HOTSPOT made a complete Gameplay of The Ender Zone. First of all thank you for all the feedback it was incredible to see you playing the game.

here's the main channel of THE GAMER HOTSPOT link:


And the two chapers with The Ender Zone fresh gameplay:



Thank you all!

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I've completed first 3 chapters. It was really good. It has good action environment. Investigation and cleanse the environment is good concept (NOTE: I've played at 55' TV so resolution is high, for that reason UI elements seems little). Pros: Cool theme music, awesome environmental design. Cons/Additions: Walk and run at the chapter 3 is a little bit hard, but may be this is the point. Enemies have smart AI that can easily find us, but have a little bit slower movement. And enemies' attack distance could be shorter.  Thanks to the Tanuki GS, keep going!

Thanks for all this precise feedback: is exactly what we need to continue improving the project :D

I Updated the download file with a new .zip The Ender Zone a1.2, with some of the problems you mentioned already solved. Now all the UI  should fit any type of screen and resolution.

Thank you for the video! and good luck with the next chapters!

Thank you very much. I appreciated your wworks.

I'm currently uploading a gameplay video of the game, but one suggestion I can put up right now is to change the music used in the flashback/child section of the game to either ambient noise or a copyright safe music. Youtube put a hard copyright claims on it and I'm currently working on getting the music edited out as much as I can. I'll update this post with the video when google is done ripping my video in shreds to get that music out.

Here's my channel for other games that is NOT hard copyright claimed. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

The music is composed by ourselves, (Eric Luque) so you can put the original music without any problem, if that's the question! 

Nice to know you want to upload a video!! Thanks it'll be amazing!

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It's the red dot claim that's blocking all views to the video. That's what youtube is telling me at least.

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OOh f**ck. I see....in that scene there's a 70's song in the ambience, absolutely true.  You can try to put some noise just in that scene (all the dream scene) or whatever you want/need. Sorry, didn't remember than small detail :(

You'll not have problems with the rest of the music :)


Hey Levont! Our game is now free copyright because we deleted the song in the dream level. If you want you can download the last 1.3 version and upload a new scary video about it!!


Deleted 2 years ago

Levont! I uploaded a new version of the game with no copyright issues! Now you are free to download it and post with no copyright claims.

Thanks again,